Thursday, January 28, 2010

Toe Biter: Creeps you just cannot trust

The Lone Wolf Speaks
Toe Biters All!!!
J'ai peut ressembler à un zombie mais je suis un gars amour chérie
Toe Biter of the century?  George W. Bush (evil little no-count prick, world's biggest asshole and that's on his best day)

Newt Gingrich: the only thing Newt is good at is lying and eating other people's chicken! 

The GOP can not run a country. They can't do it. Over their heads. Maybe they could scoop ice cream, probably get butt hairs in it! Rupert Murdoch hat der Hauptrolle in seinem Anus in den Spiegel so müde, jetzt starrt diese leere Wand

Runners up: Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Jeb Bush, Newt Gingrich, John Dolittle, Senator Hatch, Darrell Issa, Duncan Hunter, Rupert Murdoch, Oliver North, Trent Lott, George Herbert Walker Bush (major punk elitist) Glen Beck, Senator Cornyn of Texas, Pat Robertson, Dick Cheney.  And this is just the "guys!!!"  Palin is a warmed over bowl of smelly crap, an invention of the GOP to titillate the low self-esteem set.  She has the brain of a simple minded lab rat whose mom dropped her on her head.  Almost forgot Sean Hannity (Mr. Craphead)
Laura Schlessinger (This monstrous woman should get what is due her by religious law.  I did like her modeling in the nude, however, that's something...)

The above are all vicious haters, enemies of the United States of America.  Some, if not all, belong behind bars.  That dickhead Karl Rove and scum sucking pig, Dick Cheney are both traitors.  Time for the Dept. of Justice to go after them.  Why the free pass out of jail, DoJ?  Thought this was a country of laws and equal treatment.
The above are not simply boneheads, evil, green blood runs through their veins.  Piss on em, I say.  (unless they are on fire)  

Rush Limbaugh alone has caused the U.S. no end of embarrassment.  Piece of shit.  Dittoheads listen to his idiotic spew and eat it up.  Jezz, what does it take to get you to stop kissing his druggy, asshole?  His wife said he was a "couch potato."  That is just unkind to the potato.  Fuck Limbaugh!!       
The Business and Media Institute: Another astroturfing bunch of fukwads based in D.C.  These people have no self-respect.  They are the anti-patriots, true enemies of America.  Neo-Nazi dirt scum.  T he VP of lying or whatever, tweeted me.  Pigs who get paid to sell out their country.
Russell Pearce State Senate guy who is bad for Arizona tourism. No. One: He's a prick creating ethnic tensions, No. Two: Scorpions! World class asshole and power hungry.

Citizens United is a conservative non-profit organization. Its president and chairman is David Bossie.
Marc Maron's cool, funny podcast. Brainy guy! 
Church of the Blue Moon/Moon Beams on your Naked Booty 
Exulted One, Leader of the Church of the Blue Moon 
Butthairs blog for the OLD MAN only 
Start Uppity (Start Up) 
Art Service. Granite Bay, Sacramento, Loomis, Eldorado Hills, Arden Oaks, SF, Napa, Carmel, Marin, Sonoma, Tiburon 
Z-Rated (Informative but you are warned) 
Crabby Artist 
Lone Camel of the Desert
Most of Church of Blue Moon Document
Darkness of the Abyss
Art images, Artist Farrell Hamann, some funny
Picasa photos (182 pics) art, funny, etc. all mine.
Flickr Photostream. Farrell D. Hamann
Huge waste of time
Black Op Comedy Writers

9Th Circuit Court of Appeals brings Big Brother to America
court says it is OK to plant a tracking device on your car anytime "Law Enforcement" wants.  Who is enforcing our Bill of Rights?  Shame on the Court.
Directed at above list:
You suck. Kiss my ass. Eat my shorts.  Go fuck yourself.  Get a clue.  Shut the fuck up, asshole.  You're a horse's ass, Fascist punk!  Reactionary scum.  Idiot.  Bonehead.  Corporate suck up.  Ass kissing Republican shithead.  Feckless moron.  Dirt bag.  Piss ant.  Freak.  Big mouth.  Turd.  Toe biter.  Rat fuck.  Greasy lying bastard.  Bastardo.  Punk.  Anal cyst.  Criminal.  Traitor.  Piece of shit.  Loud mouth.  Jive turkey.  Fink.  Flunky.  Gasbag.  Windbag.  Airhead.  Nut.  

Ah, feel better already.
Did I say that the Republican National Committee sucks also?
They suck!!  RNC, this is you.  Fuck off!!!
concupiscenceRafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi This is Curveball, the asswad that lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the lie used by the Bush Administration. Lots of dead innocents over there... fuking pig!
If you're in the armed forces, you really need to watch these people.  They will get you killed!  Army, Navy, Air Force, United States Marine Corp.  Check these freakin cocksuckers out!  George Bush's Grandfather actually HELPED the Nazi during WWII.  fact: yes he did.....  #T-cot  (WTF)  GOP craphead eat babies.
Just WHAT WAS George W. Bush doing down there in Brownsville Texas back in the day?  horrible like the McCain carrier deck thing?  Bad as George H. W. Bush's Franklin scandal?
Oh, don't trust a lot of the Democrats, some are just Republicans punks themselves.  
Back in the time of the Revolutionary War, the conservatives were the ones that supported King George, England and the Redcoats.  Don't fall for their shit.  Conservatives are on the payroll of huge Multinational Corporations to propagandize us to hate our own government.  Get that?  Pure BS!!!
Astroturf:  Fake grassroots working for big corporations.  They want you to think they represent regular Americans.... they don't.  Watch out for false flag ops also.  Your Friend, Farrell Hamann, Artist/Writer   
Dead "flowers" for fat ass Barbara Bush to suck on.  (A woman with no shame and a fetid womb to quote RR.  Blow me, Barbara.  Oh, are you Allister Crowley's daughter, Barbara?  Mom WAS a known slut, and not in the nice way. 
You can not trust a Republician.  The GOP will stab you in the back. 

Got to add Meg Whitman to list.  California does not need another bad Governor!!!
“Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as to injure any [prisoner]. . . I do most earnestly enjoin you to bring him to such severe and exemplary punishment as the enormity of the crime may require. Should it extend to death itself, it will not be disproportional to its guilt at such a time and in such a cause… for by such conduct they bring shame, disgrace and ruin to themselves and their country.” - George Washington, charge to the Northern Expeditionary Force, Sept. 14, 1775…

Am to be interviewed by the Sacramento Bee Tuesday.  A nice woman named Debbie Arrington is coming out with a photographer.  Hope I don't muff.  Last time I was featured in the Bee, the guy said that I was "opinionated"  You know, like John Kerry's wife. 

Fox News  is the crusty ass-crack of the MSM world.  And it is Rupert Murdoch's fault. I think it is time to put a curse on Rupert, that jive turkey. The Wall Street Journal has gone down hill since Rupert bought it.  Can't believe a word it says, all fuking lies and misinformation.  The Wall Street Journal WSJ Today radio show is really stupid, all propaganda.  
Right here is a whole bunch of assholes and their bios, On the board of the Pacific Legal Foundation, an evil group that loves the chemical industry and money and could care less about citizens, clean air and water, or farm workers. Bunch off repugnant assholes  Richard Geary? (fukhead)
Donald Wildmon and son, hater of the year and Jr. hate dude. Founder of the abusive and shameful, American Family Association (We harm families, hate Jews and gays, and are right-wing, no-count, racist, freaks)  We are the buttholes of Tupelo, Mississippi.  Control 180 fake Christian radio stations. Wildmon is a Jew Blamer, and probably Satan's best friend. You hang around this dog, you will get up with fleas.

YAF, Young Americans for Freedom. Bunch of assholes. Jordan Marks and Michael Jones 2 top freaks there.

Please visit my youtube channel: farrellhamann  

Poor tiny Alaska town of Whahahahahasilla, the sewer system can't handle Sarah Palin's bullshit!!! 

Rep. Pence R-IND is a world class liar.  Live next to Pence, put up a fence. $3 brain, $300 haircut.  Knows how to tell a whopper.  Wants the support of the despicable Tea Baggers #tcot  Said that walking around the Green Zone as safe as Indiana.  Many people killed the next day.  The huge lie was that he had security everywhere for his little walk in the market, shopping for rugs, etc.  Asshole, freeky fibber, punk. Not worthy.

Tired of looking at Newt Gingrich's huge Charlie Brown head and flapping lips.

Meg Whitman: Not going to do nothing for you if you live in Modesto, Lodi, Bakersfield, Elk Grove, or Stockton.  If your net worth is less than $5,000,000, you're still a PEON as far as she is concerned.  Don't expect help from Meg if you have a small business.  Not going to happen!

Glenn Beck is the guy with two (2) asses, head ass, and butt ass.  It would take all the water in Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Superior to get the evil smell off him.  StopBeck Twitter is a cool guy doing good work. 
The Parents Television Council is another bunch of disruptive, feckless assholes.  Does it never end?  More jew haters.  This is a bunch of bums who need to STFU bigtime.

Most of the above assholes would be cross burners if they thought they'd get away from it. KKK types

On a positive note, Sam Seder's Show on youtube, "That's Bullshit" is really good.  Very informative and classy.

Uploaded part 6 of my internet TV Show: Intercepted Video Transmissions, comedy and really funny.  None are very long.

If Steven Stefanowicz tortured prisoners, the DOJ needs to go after him, not give a free pass.  This is America, not Stalinist Russia (anti-American to torture)

@OurCountryPAC twitter scum (on the take from the evil Koch brothers? These idiots have a sick idea about what the USA is all about.

Jonathon M. Seidl is a typical horse's ass spreading lies and disinformation for the right wing. Who's paying him? The evil #Koch brothers?
Meg Whitman is a proven liar and does not want good for California.... she is in it for the money and power.  If she had her way, we would all be peons!  Bitch!!! 

FRANK LUNTZ: disinformation guy for the right wing.  You can't trust this guy, his job is to mislead you and spin BS.  Ratfuck, slimeball.  Sneaky sucker for the GOP and RNC.  Republican butt boy.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss Evil loser right here.  Hates gay people, is a full time hater of the worse sort.  Lies like a rug, sucks.  Piss ant, jive Republican dirtball.  Never vote for this guy. Shun his ugly ass.
If Steven Stefanowicz tortured prisoners, the DOJ needs to go after him, not give a free pass.  This is America, not Stalinist Russia
Glenn Beck goes alone into the desert, he has a vision, he finds a cave and goes inside and finds a golden plaque.  The plaque says:  "Glenn Beck, you are an asshole!"

Kenneth Brian Mehlman this is an evil dickhead, prick.  Worked for George W. Bush.  Fuck you, Mehlman!  Up you ass.
Montecito (CA) Cheese Rat bite me! Nevermind, don't 

Aspartame is made from bacteria poop (shit) Wow, funny but sad and evil. Have a Diet Pepsi or Coke, suckers. Let down by the FDA once again.  The FDA is letting Monsanto butt fuck America.

Why the Hell does Rush Limbaugh even have a head? Guy is ass from the word go! Head is a useless appendage. BLAT BLAT (butt speak)  Please watch my videos via my youtube channel: farrellhamann 

If the Koch brothers have all 4 hands up your ass like you're a goddamn puppet, you can be sure you're a tea bagger. #tcot  Don't buy Dixie cups or Bounty paper towels. Boycott.
Note: the GOP has lots of cash to spread lies and disinformation, we have to be extra vigilant not to buy into their BS. Watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, Fine Mike Malloy on the radio or internet, same with Jim Hightower (he is a real Texan and a real man)  Randi Rhodes (radio) also very cool and quite a wonk!

Assistant Attorney General Shirvell, State of Michigan, is a total, unrepentant asshole. Lying, homophobic creep.  Up your ass, Shirvell, you creep.
GOP, #tcot sex fantasy:  Rush Limbaugh ejaculated and the recoil blasted him across the room, knocking over a girl.  #funny  (best Rush Limbaugh joke ever?)

Ethics and Public Policy Center (evil fake think tank scum)
“Rupert Murdoch won’t decide this election – you will.Fun fact:  In England, they call Rupert Murdoch "The Dirty Digger"
White Supremacist group StormFront.  (evil braindead assholes.  Rand Paul took their money.  Good, when he loses, so will they. hahaha. 
SBS Pres. Albert Mohler is not tolerant kind of guy Jesus talked about. He's a right wing bigot corrupting religion with dirty politics.  Hate, not love. Bad Christian!!
@LynnePen  Looked over SGP (Smart GIrl Politics) Tea Bagger BS site. I went there to check out allegation , nothing there, Nothing #fake

Want lies, try the GOP and Tea Party.  They specialize in lying.  Liars. Fibbers. Bullshit artists.
Trevor Rees-Jones, Robert Rowling & Jerry Perenchio (greasy pigs)
Silvio Berlusconi  Horse's ass in Italy.  Time for this freak to take a header and fall.
Silvio Berlusconi è il culo di un cavallo. Egli è come il male come uno dei nostri stronzi. Cazzo che tipo!
Mitch McConnell, a fucking asshole, good for nothing lout.  Eat shit, you ugly fuck.

Darrell Isa no es su amigo si usted es hispano. Obtener esta mierda de la oficina

Tucson Tea Party co-founder Trent Humphries.This guy is a total moron.  Blame the victim, freak! Not an intellectual heavy weight. 

If you have little hot buttons all over you that Rush #Limbaughzbub Limbaugh can push, you've got a problem or several Look up Media Matters.  The job of Media Matters is to seperate truth from bullcrap.  Fox will lie, face it. El Rushbo is a lying sack of shit.  Limbaugh is a puppet.

Dan Lungren Rep.CA GOP talking crap on Propaganda radio station KFBK  Steal from poor, give to rich, is what this hog is singing.  This guy took a lot of money $ from BP.  He is owned by big oil, could care less about America.  He is a shit head of the worse type.

My youtube channel: farrellhamann
Comedy, art studio tours, cute pets.

Мой канал: farrellhamann
Комедии, художественная студия туры, милые домашние животные.

The Family Research Council, a hate group with a misleading name. This group harms families and is a disgrace to America.  #haters, assholes, slime.  These people have a crazy agenda.
No patch of grass without ankle biting, belly crawling, sneaky Issa in it Obama is going to be trying to shake him off his leg 24/7  Darrell will be slithering around on his belly down there in dogshit ville.  That's just who he is, dog crap.

littlebytesnews on Twitter evidently got confused and attacked me out of the blue.  Looked into this woman and noticed she was spreading disinformation about the Egyptian revolution.  This woman full of crap.

$10,000 USD (Standard payoff for lessor offenses)

When assholes like Palin shoot their mouths off in an inflammatory way, does right wing media suggest moderation and defuse?  No  #Fox
Placing Mike #Vanderboegh on the guys with no dick list. #crazy #played #sap #nutjob  Also putting "him" on the Toebiter blog  Another #punk Yellow for cowardly piss ant. #Alabama

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Inc.: Very evil right wing foundation, assets over $700 Mil In Milwaukee. Board members: Terry Considine, David V. Uihlein, Michael W. Grebe, Robert P. George, Dennis J. Kuester, San W. Orr Jr., Thomas L. Smallwood, George F. Will, Brother Bob Smith.  The HQ is at 1241 North Franklin Place, Milwaukee, WI  Nice place  to let them know how your feel about evil, right wing foundations.  These people are major assholes. Their building is named: The Lion House.

Everything you hear on KFBK Radio Sacramento has a right wing slant. Blaming nurses and unions that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger failed. #BS  The problem is that corporations don't want to pay any taxes but still want all the perks.  How is that going to work?
Rush Limbaugh is proving what a filthy dirtball degenerate he is and KFBK radio in Sacramento is making it happen.

Below: List of Koch Brothers products to boycott

(Georgia-Pacific products)
Angel Soft toilet paper
Brawny paper towels
Dixie plates, bowls, napkins and cups
Mardi Gras napkins and towels
Quilted Northern toilet paper
Soft 'n Gentle toilet paper
Sparkle napkins
Vanity fair napkins
Zee napkins
Georgia-Pacific paper products and envelopes
All Georgia-Pacific lumber and building products

KFBK is a right wing propaganda radio station in Sacramento, California. Limbaughzbub got launched from here like a flicked booger. (Limbaugh followers are total idiots) 

JP Morgan making big money on food stamps and unemployment then outsourcing call center jobs to India. Corporate welfare.  Eating up the treasury like a starving Pacman.  Disgusting, really. Shame.

Michael Boos, the Vice President and General Counsel for Citizens United is a greasy punk, an asshole, and a prick.

Petty assed ignoramus toe biters of the half hour: Doug Powers, Jim Hoft, Pam Geller, Glenn Beck. #Haters and #parasites  
Michigan State Rep. Dave Agema (wants to cut aids prevention programs and put funds into airports so they don't have to raise tax on aviation fuel.  Deep thinker here.

Rebecca Mansour, media butthead for Palin.

The creepy Manhattan Institute, propaganda mill and fake think tank:  The Manhattan Institute
Creeps on the Board of Trustees, Manhattan Institute:
The following are members of the Board of Trustees:[8]
The Northwest Front (evil Aryan loving racist pigs who make up shit)

The Blaze (fucking stupid website of Glenn Beck,  Moronville, home of the big dummy.  Kevin Balfe is there, another idiot.  Roger Ailes #Fox is a blatant ass freak. #Ailes

Protect Social Social Security, don't let the evil GOP or Tea Party get their hands on the money.

Supreme court Justice Scalia a member of Opus Dei and whips his own chubby ass?  Quite possible.  Group linked to traitor, Hanson.  If crazy Scalia does whip his own ass, I would pay handsomely for the rights to videotape the act and market it.  LOOK FOLKS, JUSTICE SCALIA IS WHIPPING HIS OWN CRAZY ASS AND WEARING A BARBED WIRE LIKE THINGY ON HIS LEG.  HAHA.

Oliver L. North, Brad Thor Duane R. Clarridge (bad)

Fox's MacCallum (simple minded dolt, fool, and not ready for prime time)  This is so #Fox)
Comcast/NBC on a bad trip?  Think so... getting none of my $ money.  Sorry, you greedy fuckasses.

John M. Olin Foundation
Morality in Media
Philip Anschutz
Castlerock Foundation
Institute for American Values
Enough is Enough

Clarence Thomas, bone head SCOTUS. Porno lover and yes man of Scalia.  Stalker

RedState Bringing us crazy.  Want to incite the fools (brought to you by coal is a dirty fuel, Monsanto will kill us with GMO's, Issa, Jeb Bush, and JP Morgan sux.  Beck is a liar. 

FreakOutNation » Report: Bush White House Violated Laws To Support GOP In 2006 Elections: 

Rep Paul R-WI, Dumb and like a on the nice carpet of . JOel Osteen (yet another evil preacher) sucks

St. Petersburg, Fl Police Chief, Charles Harmon is an asshole. for ordering cops to cut up perfectly good tents of the homeless. #genius  I would bet this guy is another fake Christian (Like the Bush family)  What would Jesus think, him abusing the poor?  

The Fellowship with their National Prayer Breakfast and the house on C St. are world class assholes. Nothing holy about them #Neo-Facists Jim deMint is one of them. (and a really stupid one at that)  The creeps are vile scum. 
OK, Gen. Bachmann has Egypt situation under control.Tea Party genius has deployed troops to the South Pole and Baffin Island. Those darn Egyptian rebels have created a shortage of armored cars, darn them. 

Check out my profile!

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby (former Dem turn GOP)  Bad for America and bad for Alabama.  Also obstructive of progress and a bank lover
Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R) This woman is a bird brain. Simple minded and reactionary. She is a hater and a crackpot.  Eat my ass, Kern.

Edward Bernays - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Father of Propaganda
Important, read this!!

Chick-fil-A, anti gay, get a brain or you will pay.  Heard that Ruth Institute is also jive.  Boycott all Georgia Pacific products #Koch  Paper goods, lumber, etc.

James O'Keefe and Lila Rose, 2 evil fucking losers and ugly Americans. Piss on em both. 

Hill & Knowlton (a PR firm) Wirthlin Group, Robert K. Gray of H&K/USA
Someone tell me why the propaganda book: The Rape of Kuwait was allowed to be distributed to 200K American troops. Why? Foreign nations allowed to lobby and propagandize our military?

Nuts in Washington D.C.: Bobby Franklin, Sally Kern, Wendy Warburton, Pat Toomey Leo Berman Seriously deranged, batshit crazy.  #loons and lunatics

The VoteFactory is right wing garbage

New don't trust guy, Chuck Missler. Stupid ass birther. Another fake religion dude working for the crazy right wing. No shame. He has a radio show called: 60/40 and a thing called Koinonia House in #NZ. All propaganda, all the time.  Coast to coast Am needs to filter these vermin out of their broadcasts.

Egyptian Secret Service images

J'ai apporté une auto d'occasion "bulletins de vote Box" ici à Sacramento, en Californie. Ce se sent mal et je suis de l'enquête. Il pourrait facilement être mal utilisés. Le comté a pas eu de nouveau à moi sur cette question. Nous avons besoin de la main compté les bulletins aux États-Unis.
 Ballot Box I bought at a Goodwill store on Watt Avenue in Sacramento.

Republican State Representative Carol McGuire#NH New Hampshire, another GOP pig who should never have been elected. Wants to eliminate or lower minimum wage.  Some small business people think this would help but their wrong. Years and years of right wing propaganda has screwed up their thinking. Good wages encourages people to spend. Eventually, huge multinational corps will gobble up small business if we allow it. GOP and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is completely owned my multinational corps without loyalty to the U.S. Some of the CofC money is foreign which needs to be investigated more by the DOJ.  So fuk Carol